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Authors: Chong Jing Yan, Yan Song
Abstract: Manufacturing enterprises are eager for a single source of product data(SSPD). But SSPD is just a idea without supporting of a specific approach. In this paper, BOM and manufacturing process is applied in establishing a SSPD. For the implementation, an integrated virtual BOM is modeled and the formal description is discussed in detail. The integrated model can improve the consistency between BOM views and carry lots of information for manufacturing planning. An case study is shown at rear part of the paper.
Authors: Chong Jing Yan, Yan Song
Abstract: Virtual enterprise or e-manufacturing is an advanced and effective manufacturing mode to modern manufacturing enterprises. In these modes, business process has been extended to outer enterprises, i.e. inter organization workflow. In order to achieve a efficient tool for workflow modeling with both simplicity and semantics, matter element is applied to construct a matter element digraph, in which a node is matter element. Then manufacturing service based workflow model can be dynamically changed or composed by matter element transformation. A case is studied to explain the approach presented in this paper.
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