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Authors: Min Li Zheng, Bin Jiang, Jia Liu, Chong Yu He
Abstract: According to the characteristics of high speed face milling process, the models of dynamic cutting forces and frequency spectrum were established. By means of frequency spectrum analysis for dynamic cutting forces of high speed face milling cutter, the law of influence of cutter’s structure and parameters on dynamic cutting performance of cutter was acquired, high speed face milling cutter for machining aluminum alloy was developed, and evaluation for dynamic cutting performance of cutter was processed based on experiment. The results indicate that more teeth of cutter and greater cutting contact angle can make the energy more dispersible, higher cutting speed and greater rake of cutter can depress dynamic cutting forces, and improve effectively dynamic cutting performance of cutter. High speed face milling cutter with five teeth takes on better dynamic high speed cutting performance for machining aluminum alloy, as cutting contact angle exceeds ninety degrees but it is less than one hundred eighty degrees, and cutting speed exceeds 2260m/min.
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