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Authors: Chou Fan, Wei Hao Xiong, J. Wei, Ping Fa Feng, Y. Lei, Z.G. Liang
Abstract: The effect of died-pressed binders, such as polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), butyl sodium rubber (BSR) and paraffin wax (PW), on green strength, green density, dimensional stability, residue, sintered compact density and mechanical properties of Ti(C,N)-based cermet was investigated. It was found that the types of the binder had a significant impact on the characteristics of the green compact. PVA improved dimensional stability of the green compact due to interaction between binder and particle. The glass transition temperature (Tg) of PVA influenced the forming behavior of Ti(C,N)-based cermet powders during died-pressed processing. Some residual moisture was needed to obtain high green strength. PVA had a gradual burnout with a low char residue in nitrogen. Compared with PVA, the influence of binders BSR and PW was also presented and discussed.
Authors: Ming Shuang Yan, Wei Hao Xiong, Chou Fan
Abstract: The solvent debinding processes of wax-based binders in powder injection molded Ti(C,N)-based cermets were studied. Effects of debinding temperature, debinding time, sample thickness, solvent types and solvent concentration on binder removal were investigated. Also, the dimension change of samples during the solvent debinding process was studied. It can be found that upwards of 70% paraffin waxes were removed and open pore channels were formed basically when the samples were immersed in heptane for 6 h at 50 °C.
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