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Authors: Simon Y.M. Chooi, Christopher Lim, Wen Jun Liu, Ping-Yu Ee
Authors: Y.S. Tan, S.P. Chiew, Z. Yang, Zainab Ismail, Felicia Goh, Christopher Lim, Vincent Sih, Ee Ping Yu, Goh Boon Cheng
Authors: Boon Cheng Goh, Felicia Goh, Christopher Lim, Zainab Ismail, Mei Sheng Zhou
Abstract: Megasonic cleaning using de-gassed water (less than 2ppm N2, O2, CO2) in a 300mm batch immersion tool often does not give optimal particle performance, with particle streaks and clusters added onto the wafer, and low particle removal efficiency (PRE). When water was re-gasified with N2, the resultant stable cavitation activity reduced particle adders and increased PRE. With N2 concentration increased to just above 5ppm, number of particle adders decreased by three folds. Optimal particle performance could be obtained by operating at an N2 level close to saturation.
Authors: Felicia Goh, Christopher Lim, Vincent Sih, Zainab Ismail, Simon Y.M. Chooi
Abstract: Arsenic based defects were found on the surfaces of advanced CMOS patterned wafers after the pre-silicidation HF clean. Investigations into the mechanism of formation were done using representative As-implanted bare silicon, polysilicon and HDP silicon oxide films. The nature and composition of these As-based defects are believed to be arsenic and arsenic oxide. Methods of defect removal include the application of hydrogen peroxide containing solutions and hydrogen plasma dry cleaning.
Authors: Simon Y.M. Chooi, Sang-Yee Loong, Christopher Lim, Zainab Ismail, Tjin-Tjin Tjoa
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