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Authors: Lun Bai, Jian Mei Xu, Qi Long Sun, Chuan Xia Di, Zheng Yu Wu
Abstract: In order to obtain porous silk fibroin films that suit all kinds of different tissue and organs, to design the configuration of the porous silk fibroin films more rationally, this paper made a modeling of the oxygen diffusing system of the capillary, and also solved the model. Moreover the paper gave a method to estimate the density of the capillaries in the tissue; and hereby brought forward the basic requirements in designing the configuration of the porous silk fibroin film.
Authors: Shen Zhou Lu, Lin Feng, Ming Zhong Li, Chuan Xia Di, Lun Bai
Abstract: A series of porous silk fibroin materials were prepared by freezing fibroin aqueous solution at –18 °C for 10 days. The process required no freeze-drying, chemical cross-linking, or the aid of other polymeric materials. X-ray powder diffraction patterns from the porous silk materials displayed features of crystal of metastable silk I polymorph. By adjusting the preparation conditions, silk I porous materials with average pore diameter of 30-240 μm and porosity of 70 -95 % can be prepared. The silk I porous materials were embedded in hypodermis on the dorsal surface of SD white rats, resulting that all rats survived with good general condition, and silk I porous materials were degraded and absorbed mostly in 6 weeks.
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