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Authors: Ying Jun Gao, Qi Feng Mo, Yu Ling Wang, Iina Zhang, Chuang Gao Huang
Abstract: The atomic bonding of the segregated cell of Al-Li alloy in earlier ageing condition was calculated according to the empirical electron theory (EET) in solid. The results showed that the strongest covalent bond was the Al-Al bond in the segregated cell without vacancy, while the strongest covalent bond was the Al-Li bond in the cell containing vacancy. Since the difference of electronagativity between the Al and Li atoms was obvious, it was inclined to form the Al-Li segregated cell of short range order structure in the condition of vacancy joining. The short range order structure with vacancy was probably the embryo or precursor structure of the metastable phase ' δ (Al3Li). As the ' δ (Al3Li) was coherence with matrix, the bond net strength was enhanced by the precipitation of ' δ (Al3Li) and hence the alloy was strengthened.
Authors: Ying Jun Gao, Xian Hua Hou, Chuang Gao Huang
Abstract: Atomic bonding of the GPB zone and S′′ phase of Al-Cu-Mg alloys in early aging stage are calculated using the empirical electron theory (EET) in Solid. The results show that not only the covalence bond-net is very strong in GPB zone, but the whole covalence bond energy of S′′ phase is also very large, all the primary bond-net framework of these precipitates can consolidate the matrix of alloy. Phase transformation from GPB zone to S′′ phase is explained reasonably based on atomic bonding and total binding capacity of Al and Cu atoms in these precipitates.
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