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Authors: Chun Long Ma, Nan Li, Ying Li
Abstract: WSN’s practical application has high level of spontaneity in positioning information and is susceptible to the outside interference, which may lead to the reduction of positioning accuracy. This paper studies Gauss distribution function, the single sensor batch estimate fusion theory and RSSI positioning technique based on the design of the CC2430/1 wireless sensor network positioning system hardware and puts forward a kind of positioning algorithm of WSN based on the Gauss distribution function and batch estimation fusion theory. The algorithm first uses Gauss model to analyse RSSI, reject RSSI value of a small probability event through the Gauss model, and then applies single sensor batch estimation fusion theory to estimate in batches the fushion theory’s calculation of the RSSI value of high probability events as the RSSI value of the final positioning operation. Experiments show that using this algorithm, the positioning precision of the system can be improved to be within 0.5 meters.
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