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Authors: Bin Yang, Li Jun Suo, Chun Ren Zhou, Kai Liang Dong
Abstract: With the goal of exploring the impact of pavement structure parameters on load stress of super-thick cement concrete pavement, this paper, based on the Quanxing freeway in Guangxi, analyzes the load stress in the situation of the separated type and combined type contact between the cement concrete slab and the lean concrete base by using three-dimensional finite element model. Computational results show that the variation of different pavement structure parameters have various impacts on the load stress of super-thick cement concrete pavement. The load stress σc1 of super-thick cement concrete pavement slab declines with the increase of slab thickness h1 and base thickness h2 and decreases with the reduction of slab length L and the increases of base modulus E2 and subbase modulus Et. Among them, the variation of slab thickness h1 has the greatest impact on the pavement load stress. Thus, there is a quite obvious effect in reducing the pavement load stress by increasing the slab thickness.
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