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Authors: David Wilkinson
Abstract: Significant technical challenges still remain today for the fuel cell in a number of areas including reliability, durability, cost, operational flexibility, technology simplification and integration, fundamental understanding and life cycle impact. New advanced materials and associated innovative engineering design will be required to close these technical gaps. This paper provides a perspective on fuel cell technology today, research and development directions, challenges going forward, and a future view of the fuel cell.
Authors: Franz Moraw, Khalid Fatih, David Wilkinson, François Girard
Abstract: The use of redox fuel cells, in which oxygen is replaced by other oxidants such as ferric ions, can have significant advantages. The redox fuel cell can achieve high efficiencies and has other fuel cell advantages. Bioregeneration is one method of creating a closed cathode system with efficient catholyte regeneration. In the work discussed here, a Fe3+/Fe2+ redox simulated bio-electrolyte catholyte is characterized over a range of electrolyte concentrations and fuel cell operating conditions using cyclic voltammetry (CV) and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS).
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