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Authors: Dethard Peters, Karl Otto Dohnke, Christian Hecht, Dietrich Stephani
Authors: Dethard Peters, Adolf Schöner, Peter Friedrichs, Dietrich Stephani
Authors: Dietrich Stephani, Reinhold Schörner, Dethard Peters, Peter Friedrichs
Abstract: We have carefully investigated a number of more than 120 selected chips fabricated on one wafer, by I-V measurements at two different precisely controlled temperatures and precision CV measurements at room temperature. From these measurements the net-doping concentration, the C-V (flat-band) barrier ΦCV, the ideality n, the apparent Richardson constant Aapp and the apparent I-V barrier Φapp have been extracted for each chip. An extremely unique C-V barrier was determined showing a relative standard deviation (sigma over mean) of only 0.086%. Moreover, the average ideality n was found to be as low as 1.028 exhibiting a relative standard deviation of only 0.35%. A clear linear correlation (ρ2 = 0.968) between ideality n and apparent I-V barrier was observed. The effective Richardson constant A** of 4H-SiC in 〈0001〉 directions could therefore be extracted to be most likely in the interval 70 Acm-2K-2 < A** < 80 Acm-2K-2.
Authors: Peter Friedrichs, Heinz Mitlehner, Reinhold Schörner, Karl Otto Dohnke, Rudolf Elpelt, Dietrich Stephani
Authors: Heinz Mitlehner, Peter Friedrichs, Rudolf Elpelt, Karl Otto Dohnke, Reinhold Schörner, Dietrich Stephani
Authors: Dethard Peters, Peter Friedrichs, Reinhold Schörner, Dietrich Stephani
Authors: Roland Rupp, A. Wiedenhofer, Peter Friedrichs, Dethard Peters, Reinhold Schörner, Dietrich Stephani
Authors: Peter Friedrichs, Heinz Mitlehner, Reinhold Schörner, Karl Otto Dohnke, Dietrich Stephani
Authors: Peter Friedrichs, Heinz Mitlehner, Reinhold Schörner, Rainer Kaltschmidt, Karl Otto Dohnke, Dietrich Stephani
Authors: Dethard Peters, Rudolf Elpelt, Reinhold Schörner, Karl Otto Dohnke, Peter Friedrichs, Dietrich Stephani
Abstract: Large area 4H-SiC PIN diodes have been fabricated which exhibit a stable avalanche ranging between 4.5 and 5.5 kV. The avalanche occurs at an electrical field strength of 2.1 MV/cm at the pn junction. The temperature coefficient of the avalanche is positive (0.3 V/K). The avalanche is tested in DC mode. The device concept as well as the fabrication process is described in detail. Static and dynamic characteristics are shown.
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