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Authors: Dirk M. Kirch, A. Ziemons, I. Lischewski, Dmitri A. Molodov, Günter Gottstein
Abstract: A novel high temperature heating method in combination with automated EBSD-data acquisition is presented. A commercially available infrared laser is utilized to heat samples up to a temperature of about 1000°C in high vacuum in a SEM while acquiring EBSD-data of the microstructure. First results on the γ-α-γ phase transformation between 840°C and 865°C in a microalloyed ferritic low carbon steel is presented.
Authors: Dirk M. Kirch, Bing Bing Zhao, Dmitri A. Molodov, Günter Gottstein
Abstract: The kinetic and structural behavior of symmetrical <100> tilt grain boundaries with rotation angles 8.4°, 12.0°, 14.3° and 16.0° were investigated in-situ in a hot stage SEM in the temperature range between 380°C and 640°C. The results revealed that depending on the rotation angle the boundary either remained straight, became faceted or curved under the driving force provided by the boundary surface tension during high temperature annealing. The transition “facetedcurved boundary” was also found to depend on temperature. The observed behavior is attributed to the anisotropy of grain boundary energy with respect to boundary inclination.
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