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Authors: Zhong Hou Wang, Ke Song Li, Xiao Ling Zhou, Dong Sheng Zhao, Yun Bo Xie
Abstract: Using software Pro/E and Pro/MECHANICA of the PTC, a method that establish a precise geometry and physical model(virtual prototyping) for the grinding tool of internal grinding machine, and simulate the dynamic and static characteristics of this virtual prototyping is introduced. Through simulation analysis, the weak links of the original design was found, thenthrough intensive design the static stiffness of the grinding tool increased two times, and the first stage of the inherent modal frequency was increased by 25%. Moreover, vibration dynamic response on nodular cast iron and steel shown the quantitative analysis results that nodular cast iron has good damping effect. Put the technology to practical application, the processing defects—chatter marks of surface quality when grinding round obtain a fundamental solution.
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