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Authors: Jian Qun Liu, Ji Rong Wu, Dong Xu
Abstract: As most controllers of the carton samplemaker using Industrial Personal Computer (IPC) architecture, its price is relatively expensive. Aiming at the actual situation of the high cost, low openness and big demand of the carton samplemaker, through the analysis of the control characteristics of it, the embedded Numerical Control (NC) platform based on the Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) hardware architecture for carton samplemaker is designed. The overall framework of the platform and steps of the design are given in this paper. Windows CE embedded real-time operating system is adopted in the software design, and on this basis, the carton samplemaker applications is developed, which is mainly in charge of the motion control of the equipment and tasks management. The platform not only achieves the goals on real-time control, good speed and accuracy, but also has friendly operability. Finally, the introduction of the new dual-core chips gives a revelation on the future development in carton samplemaker.
Authors: Jian Qun Liu, Dong Xu, Ji Rong Wu, Xiao Li, Jian Huang
Abstract: In this paper, a new embedded numerical control (ENC) system for carton samplemaker based on Windows CE is presented. The hardware design of ENC system based on ARM9 processor S3C2440A and motion control chip MCX314As is discussed principally. Besides, the device driver of MCX314As is developed by using stream interface driver model under Windows CE operating system. Furthermore, the software structure of the ENC system is introduced, and the way how to utilize multi-thread technology to realize the real-time control of the carton samplemaker is also discussed in detail. The system is proved to be good at dealing with multiple tasks processing, real-time and reliability of motion control.
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