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Authors: Xi Guang Huang, Guang Pin He, Duan Ling Li
Abstract: In this paper a new algorithm to compute all the closed-form inverse kinematics solutions of a spatial serial robot. Based on the method, A 16th degree univariate polynomial of the spatial serial robot is obtained without factoring out or deriving the greatest common divisor. We also obtain all the closed-form solutions for the inverse kinematics of the robot. Finally a numerical example is given to demonstrate the algorithm process.
Authors: Xi Guang Huang, Guang Pin He, Duan Ling Li
Abstract: The parallel robotic manipulator has attracted many researchers’ attention and it also has growing applications to different areas. In this paper an algebraic method for solving the direct kinematics analysis problem for a parallel robotic manipulator. Based on the presented algebraic method, the problem is derived into a 40th degree univariate polynomial. All complete sets of 40 solutions to the problem are obtained. The proposed method is exemplified by a numerical example.
Authors: Xi Guang Huang, Duan Ling Li, Guang Pin He
Abstract: In this paper a new computational technique for the inverse position problem of a 7R robot is presented. Instead of reducing the problem to one highly complicated input-output equation, we work with a system of 10 very simple polynomial equations. We show the total degree of the system is 16, in agreement with previous works. Moreover we present a numerical example confirms the technique. The whole process is simple and easy to program.
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