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Authors: Duo Ning, Na Yao, Ling Fang Song, Hong Xin Wang
Abstract: This paper mainly aims at the special requirement of the solar energys application in tunnel direct lighting engineering, where the light receiver is fixed. Therefore, it has given a new automatic tracking method of polar axis type, which can effectively make the concentrator to realize the function of tracking the sun automatically with high precision and fixed-point output. Based on expounding the working principle of the automatic tracker with polar axis, meanwhile combining with the obliquely installed concentrator load, it talks about the detailed design and explanation of mechanical structure, characteristics and implementation of the suns hour angle and declination angle tracking mechanism.
Authors: Duo Ning, Ya Hua Liu, Jian Bing Huang
Abstract: In order to make temperature increases rate of the heating module of leather shrinkage temperature apparatus meets leather shrinkage temperature measurement standards in national light industry, we used a temperature sensor to collect the current temperature value of the heating medium. A single-chip microcomputer (SCM) controls the turn-on and turn-off time of triac to ensure a uniform and constant medium temperature increase at (2±0.2)°C/min through negative feedback control. We were also able to transmit the temperature-time data to a host computer in real time via RS232 serial port for further study. Experiments show that this heating module gives a good control effect to the whole system and meets the measurement standards. It is particularly important to improve the accuracy of measuring shrinkage temperature of leather.
Authors: Jian Bing Huang, Duo Ning, Zhong Jun Xiao
Abstract: According to the features of papermaking production line, a new kind domestic distributed control system MACS is developed here for the practice application. The methods of hardware component and software realization for the control system are proposed. Practices prove that the novel distributed control system for the paper-making production line can run automatically, safely and smoothly which can achieve high performance index, and it can sharply reduce the cost of construction and installation as well as the cost of maintenance.
Authors: Duo Ning, Pan Pan Wang, Jian Bing Huang
Abstract: Low data stability exists in the measurement of the developed leather thickness gauge (MH-YD1). After studying the whole working principles and a comprehensive analysis of experimental results, we find the main factors. Which are the structural factors and the working principles of the capacitive sensor collected the displacement. Then, we put forward improvements. In hardware, we solve the effective contact between the static and dynamic film and the pivoting of the guide bar. Also including the instability of data displayed in software. Then the experimental data measured by using the improved gauge proved to have good stability.
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