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Authors: E.A. Maximovski, N.I. Fainer, M. Rumyantsev
Abstract: Thin nanocrystalline CdS and CdxZn1-xS films have been synthesized on InP(100), Si(100), GaAs (100), sapphire(100) and fused silica substrates at low pressure (5 × 10-2-2 × 10 -1Torr)and in the temperature range of 473-673 K by remote plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (RPECVD) using Cd(S2CN(C2H5)2)2·C12H8N2 and Cd/Zn(S2CN(C2H5)2)2·C10H8N2 as single-source precursors. The influence of deposition conditions and type of substrates on physical and chemical properties of these films has been studied by X-ray diffraction of synchrotron radiation, HREM, SEM, SAED, ellipsometry, IR- and Raman spectroscopies, and EDS.
Authors: E.A. Maximovski, Gennagiy S. Yurjev, M.L. Kosinova, N.I. Fainer, M. Rumyantsev
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