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Authors: Burghardt Klöden, Werner Skrotzki, C.G. Oertel, E. Rybacki
Abstract: Polycrystalline samples of NiAl have been deformed in torsion in the temperature range 800K – 1300K. Deformation is accompanied by dynamic recrystallization, which with increasing temperature changes from continuous to discontinuous mode. Emphasis was put on the occurrence of continuous dynamic recrystallization, which will be discussed with respect to texture and microstructure.
Authors: Werner Skrotzki, R. Tamm, Burghardt Klöden, C.G. Oertel, L. Wcislak, E. Rybacki
Authors: G.H. Cao, Burghardt Klöden, C.G. Oertel, Werner Skrotzki, U. Garbe, E. Rybacki, Heinz Günter Brokmeier
Abstract: Ti-47Al-4(Cr, Nb, Mn, B) samples with different initial grain structures and fibre textures were deformed in torsion at 1000 °C under hydrostatic pressure of 400 MPa in a Paterson type rock deformation machine at a maximum constant strain rate of 2*10-4 s-1. The microstructure was investigated by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Local texture measurements as a function of shear strain were done with high-energy synchrotron radiation. During shearing due to dynamic recrystallization the initially lamellar structure breaks down into a fine-grained globular structure with a g grain size in the order of 5 µm. The shear texture developed consists of <110> and {110} inclined to the shear direction and shear plane, respectively. The microstructure and texture development is discussed.
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