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Authors: Egil Fjeldberg, Knut Marthinsen
Abstract: In the present work computer simulations using a 3-D Potts Monte Carlo model are demonstrated and discussed as a tool to study the effects of a number of parameters related to the deformation conditions as well as process and material parameters related to the nucleation and growth conditions of recrystallisation, such as e.g. second phase particles, which may influence the kinetics and texture of recrystallisation. The MC simulations have been combined with a deformation texture model to provide the deformation structure from which the recrystallisation nucleates and models which provide the relative proportions of certain nucleation mechanisms and their orientation spectrum. All together this gives a simulation tool which allows for a multitude of numerical experiments and the possibility to study parameter relationships which are often not easily available from experiments. The potential of such a simulation tool is discussed in terms of a few generic examples.
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