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Authors: Sylvain Fréour, D. Gloaguen, Manuel François, Ronald Guillén, Emmanuel Girard, J. Bouillo
Authors: D. Gloaguen, Emmanuel Girard, Ronald Guillén
Abstract: Complementary methods have been used to analyse residual stresses in zirconium alloy tubes which were manufactured by cold rolling : X-ray diffraction and scale transition model. A modified elasto-plastic self-consistent model (EPSC) has been used to simulate the experiments and exhibits agreement with experimental data. X-ray diffraction analysis in rolling direction shows opposite stress values for {10 14 } and { 2022} planes respectively. The measured strains were generated by an anisotropic plastic deformation. Plastic incompatibility stress on X-ray measurements should be taken into account so as to make a correct interpretation of the experimental data.
Authors: Sylvain Fréour, Emmanuel Girard, Ronald Guillén
Authors: Emmanuel Girard, Manuel François, Ronald Guillén, A. Perronnet
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