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Authors: Eniko Volceanov, A. Abagiu, M. Becherescu, Adrian Volceanov, P. Niţă, R. Truşcă, Floarea Mihalache
Authors: Eniko Volceanov, Ştefania Motoc, Adrian Volceanov, Rodica M. Neagu, Cristian Coman
Authors: Eniko Volceanov, Adrian Volceanov, Ştefania Iacob, Radu Constantin
Authors: Dan Mihai Constantinescu, Marin Sandu, Eniko Volceanov, Mircea Găvan, Ştefan Sorohan
Abstract: Static loading and impact tests of ceramic alumina tiles have shown a very interesting behaviour of a tough, brittle, and high energy absorbing material. Strain gauges techniques and data acquisition were used throughout this research. A static-dynamic equivalence is done through a calibration procedure of the measuring system. The experimental strain history is completely acquired till the failure of the ceramic tile. Numerical simulation of impact tests gives additional insight on the complicated phenomena. Low velocity impact testing revealed different patters of failure, depending on the conditions of impact, and the capacity of this material to be used in particular purpose designed applications.
Authors: Vasilica Dima, Adrian Volceanov, Mihai Eftimie, Adriana Petrescu, Maria Ionescu, Nicolae Ziman, Eniko Volceanov
Abstract: The main purpose of the paper is to present results of experiments concerning E-glass fibers waste with a content of 7% B2O3 for obtaining glazes for tableware ceramics, as well as to study the consequences upon fabrication technology. The results are encouraging and make possible the use of E-glass fibers waste for preparation of vitreous glazes.
Authors: Eniko Volceanov, A.M. Gurban, Adrian Volceanov, P. Niţă
Authors: Ştefania Motoc, A. Abagiu, Rodica M. Neagu, Eniko Volceanov, A.M. Gurban, Adrian Mihail Motoc
Authors: Ştefania Motoc, Eniko Volceanov, Rodica M. Neagu, Patricia Balog, Adrian Mihail Motoc
Authors: B. Matović, Slobodan Radovanovic, Eniko Volceanov
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