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Authors: Ines Fernández Pariente, J.Manuel Artimez, F.Javier Belzunce, Cristina Rodríguez
Abstract: The aim of this work was the study of the heat treatment optimisation of high chrome steels used for the manufacture of rolling rolls in order to obtain a final product with a high hardness and wear resistance and taking into account the very large dimensions typical of these products. The effect of modifying the maintenance temperature and time during the different phases of the heat treatment on the microstructure and hardness of this product was evaluated. The necessity of adjusting the temperature and maintenance time of the quenching heat treatment in order to obtain a martensitic/bainitic matrix with a low austenite content followed by two tempering treatments was demonstrated as the best way to obtain the optimal properties of the product for this particular application.
Authors: Enrique Real, Cristina Rodríguez, A. Fernández Canteli, F.Javier Belzunce
Abstract: The influence of shot peening on the fatigue properties of duplex stainless steel reinforcing bars manufactured using both hot and cold rolled processes was studied. From determination of the S-N curves, the experimental results show that shot peening improves the fatigue behaviour of the re-bars, but that the improvement is much greater for the hot rolled bars. A more severe peening action capable of promoting greater plastic deformation of the bar surface needs to be used to improve the fatigue resistance of cold rolled corrugated bars.
Authors: H. Castro, Cristina Rodríguez, F.Javier Belzunce
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