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Authors: Peter G. Bruce, F. Krok, J. Nowinski, V.C. Gibson, K. Tavakkoli
Authors: M. Wasiucionek, W. Jakubowski, Piotr Kurek, W. Bogusz, F. Krok, M. Morawiecki
Authors: F. Krok, W. Bogusz, W. Jakubowski
Authors: F. Krok, M. Morawiecki, W. Bogusz, W. Jakubowski
Authors: Peter G. Bruce, F. Krok, J. Nowinski, F.M. Gray, C.A. Vincent
Authors: T. Shigematsu, F. Krok, W. Bogusz
Authors: W. Bogusz, F. Krok, D. Bangobango, W. Jakubowski
Authors: J. Pielaszek, J.R. Dygas, F. Krok, D. Lisovytskiy, Monika Kopeć, M. Marzantowicz
Abstract: Laboratory prepared and commercial Li-Mn spinels were studied. Making use of the dedicated XRD-impedance spectroscopy experimental set-up, direct correlations of the degree of phase transformation (expressed as change of the FWHM of the selected reflection) with electric conductivity was found. Independent XRD measurements and full pattern fitting allowed quantitative estimations of the phase composition of the spinels. It was found that commercial spinels were in fact multiphase, with the content of the additional phase of few weight percent.
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