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Authors: F.L. Chen, T.X. Yu, J.L. Yang, W.H. Wu
Abstract: To examine the effect of elasticity in dynamic response of imperfect structures, by densely setting meshes in the vicinity of the imperfections, pre-cracked beams impinged by a striker are modeled and numerically investigated. The dynamic response patterns and failure history for two specific configurations are obtained. It is found that complex alternations of the elastic-plastic stress distribution exhibit, and the striker is rebounded and then separated from the beam, which well reflects the effect of material elasticity. The high stress and large deformation zones, corresponding to the plastic hinges in the rigid-plastic model, appear at the impinging position and the supporting ends, and the locations coincide with those in the modal pattern in rigid-plastic response. From comparison, it is concluded that when the impinging is intense, despite the effect of elasticity displaying in the early stage, the widely employed rigid-plastic analysis is still capable of providing favorable prediction on the final response parameters.
Authors: F.L. Chen, P. Hu, T.X. Yu
Abstract: This paper is concerned with the geometrical similarity of heat conduction-elastioplastic structural problems. When the dimensions of a structure are geometrically scaled down/up, the similarity relations for both isolated heat conduction and elastoplastic structural problems are derived. For cases of thermo-structural coupled, it is concluded that heat conduction-static elastoplastic problems can be geometrically similarly scaled down/up and a set of similarity relations are drawn accordingly. As examples, a full-, half- and quarter-scale unilaterally-tensioned plate and internally-pressured cylindrical shell irradiated by a laser pulse are numerically analysed and the numerical results have confirmed this conclusion. However, heat conduction-dynamic elastoplastic problems are found not to comply compatibly with the geometrically similar scaling.
Authors: F.L. Chen, T.X. Yu, H.C. Lai, K.Y. Poon
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