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Authors: Y.H. Sha, S.C. Zhou, Z.K. Zou, F. Zhang, Liang Zuo
Abstract: Fe-3.10%Si thin strips were prepared from commercial grain oriented silicon steel sheet by cold rolling with different speed ratios and annealed at 1123K in vacuum, the cold rolling and recrystallization textures were analyzed. Cold rolling texture consists mainly of {111}<112>, {554}<225> and {332}<113> components, while their orientation densities vary with speed ratio and layer through strip thickness. Recrystallization texture development depends on speed ratio obviously, and the peak orientation density deviates from {110}<001> towards {210}<001> with the increase in speed ratio.
Authors: Yong Bing Liu, F. Zhang
Authors: F. Zhang, Y.H. Sha, Yan Dong Wang, J.Z. Xu, Liang Zuo, Claude Esling
Authors: Wei Pei, Y.H. Sha, H.P. Yang, F. Zhang, Liang Zuo
Abstract: The hot bands of non-oriented electrical steel were cold rolled by asymmetric rolling with speed ratio of 1.125 as well as conventional symmetric cold rolling to investigate the effects of cold rolling mode on through-thickness texture variation. Asymmetric rolling shows a marked weakening effect on α fiber (RD//<110>) running from {001}<110> to {112}<110> through sheet thickness, especially at the side contacting with faster roll. Asymmetric rolling increases {111}<112> component while decreases {111}<110> component through sheet thickness except for the surface layers. The through-thickness texture variation due to asymmetric rolling was explained in terms of shear strain distribution.
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