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Authors: Dong Min Wang, Pei Fu Cheng, Fan Fan, Yun Fen Hou, Liang Zhang, Qiao Li
Abstract: The effects of different activators on compressive strength of fly ash-based geopolymers have been studied. It is discovered that, alkali solution doesn’t have obvious effect, while Na2SiO3 solution has visible effect, the strength of samples rise with the increase of Na2SiO3 solution concentration. The effect of K2SiO3 solution is more obvious than Na2SiO3 solution, the strength of samples tend to first increase and then decrease with the increase of K2SiO3 solution concentration. The K2SiO3 solution with concentration of 2 M is the best activator to prepare geopolymers, which has compressive strength of 28.8 MPa at 28 d. When water glass are used as activators, the best modulus and solid content for Na-water glass (Na2O•nSiO2) are 1.2 and 32%, respectively. On this condition the sample’s compressive strength at 28 d is 38.9 MPa. However crystal calcium oxide is harmful for the compressive strength development, which is different with the conclusion accepted abroad.
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