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Authors: Huai Sheng Ni, Feng Xiang Chen, Tong Zhang
Abstract: In this paper, a novel framework of robust observer for linear system with parametric uncertain state matrix matched with output matrix is introduced. The scheme is derived by including an extra term to the feedback gain, and the term is obtained by the analysis of the Lyapunov stability theory and LMI (Linear Matrix Inequality). The proposed observer is less conservative and thus lead to a low gain matrix based on the novel framework. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed method is validated by the numerical simulations on Matlab environment.
Authors: Su Zhou, Lan Zheng, Feng Xiang Chen, Shuang Zhai
Abstract: Cold start is a necessary function for PEMFC systems. In order to investigate the water freezing and thawing process inside PEMFC stack under subzero temperature, a 2-D transient model containing 40 cells has been developed. This model approximately estimates freezing and thawing time of each cell and shows the spatial distribution of water and ice for the purpose of analyzing the differences between single cells as well. As simulation examples, two processes under 260K ambient temperature have been studied in this paper and the results show as follows: (1)after the stack shut down, first of all, the outermost layer cell of the stack freezes before the inside cells and the freezing duration of each cells is almost the same, secondly, the freezing interval time of the outer cells is longer than the inside cells and the innermost cells almost freeze at the same time; (2) before the stack start up, heating up the membrane under two situations, one with the residual water inside and the other one has been purged after it shut down, the temperature rise of the stack with water is slower than that without water, this result indicates that the residual water would influence the cold start process.
Authors: Feng Xiang Chen, Shuang Zhai, Guang Ji Ji, Lin Jiong Yu, Su Zhou, Tong Zhang
Abstract: This paper treats the chaos synchronization problem of uncertain chaotic Chua circuit system. Based on Lyapunov theory, the proposed controller is featured with (a) only single variable information of the master system is needed; (b) the synchronization can also be achieved whilst the parameters of the master system are perturbed. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed control law is also illustrated by the numerical simulation on Matlab environment.
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