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Authors: Kazuhiro Morino, Fumihito Nishimura, Norio Kawagoishi
Abstract: In order to investigate the effect of radical nitriding on fatigue strength of spheroidal graphite cast iron FCD400, rotating bending fatigue tests were carried out at room temperature. Fatigue strength was increased by nitriding. Fracture started from microshrinkages or abnormal graphites in the same manner as that of as cast iron. However, fracture mode was different according to the stress level. That is, fracture occurred from specimen surface at high stress levels and it occurred from defects in subsurface at low stress levels. The cause of these results was the hardened layer and the compressive residual stress, which suppressed the initiation of the surface crack.
Authors: Kazuhiro Morino, Fumihito Nishimura, Kunimasa Takahashi, Yun Hae Kim, Hironobu Nisitani
Authors: Kazuhiro Morino, Fumihito Nishimura, Hironobu Nisitani
Authors: Fumihito Nishimura, T. Watanabe, Kenji Tanaka
Authors: Kenji Tanaka, T. Watanabe, D. Ohnami, Fumihito Nishimura
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