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Authors: Sayuri Kimoto, Fusao Oka, Young Seok Kim, Naoaki Takada, Yosuke Higo
Abstract: We propose a thermo-hydro-mechanically coupled finite element analysis method for clay with a thermo-elasto-viscoplastic model. The volume changes in soil particles and pore fluids are introduced into the analysis method. The instability of the problem is studied and a numerical simulation of the thermal consolidation is presented using the newly developed analysis method. It was confirmed that the analysis method can reproduce the thermal consolidation phenomenon well.
Authors: Fusao Oka, T. Kodaka, Sayuri Kimoto, R. Kato, S. Sunami
Abstract: In this paper, a soil-water coupled elasto-plastic finite element analysis is applied to the problem of seepage flow by incorporating unsaturated seepage characteristics and assuming the pore air pressure in the unsaturated soil region to be atmospheric pressure. It is shown that the proposed soil deformation–seepage flow coupled analysis method is applicable to safety investigations of river embankments and that the existing evaluation criterion for the seepage failure of river embankments is not always on the safe side.
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