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Authors: E. Yagi, Fuyuki Kano, S. Nakamura, Masaya Iwaki, T. Osaka
Authors: Fuyuki Kano, Hiroshi Uchida, Kazuko Sugimoto, Seiichiro Koda
Abstract: Thin films of titanium oxide (TiO2) were synthesized from Titanium diisopropoxide bis(dipivaloylmethanate) [Ti(O-i-Pr)2(dpm)2] as a source material using supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) fluid. Flat films with a uniform microstructure were fabricated on SiO2/(100)Si substrates at a fluid pressure of 8.0 MPa, while granular particles were deposited on the film surface at a fluid pressure of 10.0 MPa. TiO2 films fabricated in supercritical CO2 atmosphere at 10.0 MPa were crystalline at the reaction temperature of 100°C, which was significantly lower than those in the conventional film-deposition techniques.
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