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Authors: Volker Faust, Frank Heidenau, J. Schmidgall, Frauke Stenzel, G. Lipps, Günter Ziegler
Authors: W. Weibelzahl, Günter Motz, D. Suttor, Günter Ziegler
Authors: Ulrike Deisinger, Frauke Stenzel, Günter Ziegler
Authors: Günter Ziegler, D. Suttor
Authors: Helmar Mayr, Marc Ordung, Günter Ziegler
Abstract: Hydroxyapatite ceramics for biomedical applications are used in form of layers, granulates and bulk materials. A new method to produce layers or bulk materials is the electrophoretic deposition. To achieve layers with a thickness between 5 and 50 m the use of a fine powder with particle size in the sub micron range is essential. In this work we show that commercially available hydroxyapatite powders, which usually have a strong tendency to agglomerate, can be milled to particle sizes smaller than 500 nm. Using one of these powders and optimizing the parameters for the electrophoretic deposition thin, homogenous layers were produced.
Authors: Ulrike Deisinger, Sabine Hamisch, Matthias Schumacher, Franzika Uhl, Rainer Detsch, Günter Ziegler
Abstract: In the last few years new fabrication methods, called rapid prototyping (RP) techniques, have been developed for the fabrication of hydroxyapatite scaffolds for bone substitutes or tissue engineering applications. With this generative fabrication technology an individual tailoring of the scaffold characteristics can be realised. In this work two RP techniques, a direct (dispense-plotting) and an indirect one (negative mould technique), are described by means of fabricating hydroxyapatite (HA) scaffolds for bone substitutes or bone tissue engineering. The produced scaffolds were characterised, mainly regarding their pore and strut characteristics. By these data the performance of the two fabrication techniques was compared. Dispense-plotting turned out to be the faster technique while the negative mould method was better suited for the fabrication of exact pore and strut geometries.
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