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Authors: D. Souriou, P. Goeuriot, O. Bonnefoy, G. Thomas, S. Drapier, Stephane Bourdin, Ludovic Lazzarotto
Abstract: Ceramic compacts can be usually prepared by uniaxial pressing in a die made of stainless steel, but the pressure applied is limited and density gradients occur in many cases. Recently a new forming method in powder metallurgy, the High Velocity Compaction (HVC) has been applied to ceramic powders. This method is similar to conventional pressing but consists in making an ram falling down at a very high speed to the upper punch. The kinetic energy is converted into a strike that produces a high pressure in a really short time. By controlling the kinetic energy, it is possible to apply a desired pressure that can be extremely high (up to 1 GPa) without any damage for the tool. The aim of the study is to compare the process conditions and the properties of green compacts elaborated by the two methods (conventional and HVC) for a similar forming pressure: forming pressure, green density (homogeneity), pore size distribution of the tablets, and then the sintering behavior, the shrinkage, the final density and microstructure of the ceramic material are studied.
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