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Authors: Wei Wang, Shi Yan, Gang Bing Song, Li Jiao
Abstract: An improved two-dimensional constitutive model for shape memory alloys (SMAs), which can describe both the shape memory effect (SME) and super elasticity effect (SE) of the SMAs, is developed in the paper based on the previous work of Boyd and Lagoudas, who used the thermodynamics theories of free energy and dissipation energy to derive the constitutive law of the SMAs. The improved model, which will combine the ideas of Brinsion’s one-dimensional constitutive law and the concepts of Boyd and Lagoudas’ two-dimensional one, has a simple but accurate expression. Two examples are used to numerically validate the efficiency of the improved model and the results of the simulations show that the developed constitutive model can qualitatively describe the thermo-mechanical behaviors of two-dimensional SMAs.
Authors: Hong Liang Lu, Shuang Qi Song, Xiao Feng Gu, Shu Li He, Chong Lin Chen, Gang Bing Song, Zhong Hou Cai, Hai Ming Guo, Hong Jun Gao, Li Sun
Abstract: Direct integration of ferroelectrics with semiconductors is critical to lower the cost and simplify the production procedures for data storage/processing components and miniature sensor/actuator development. By optimizing magnetron sputtering parameters, highly <001> preferential growth of BaTiO3 thin films with reproducible ferroelectric responses have been achieved on Si (001) substrates. The thin film ferroelectric characteristics were systematically studied by piezoresponse force microscopy, and a piezoelectric coefficient d33 of 24pm/V has been measured. It is found that the scanning tip sidewall angle and cantilever tilt affect the contour and size of polarized area.
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