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Authors: Hong Sheng Ding, Ge Nie, Yong Zhe Wang, Rui Run Chen, Jing Jie Guo, Heng Zhi Fu
Abstract: Developing high performance aero-engines usually depends on the development of new candidate materials with charming properties such as relatively light-weight, good high temperature strength and environmental resistance. Fortunately, γ-TiAl alloys were followed into this catalogue that they offer a significant potentiality for weight savings. Recently, in order to improve their low room temperature plasticity, a motive technology called electromagnetic cold crucible directional solidification technology for preparation γ-TiAl alloy ingots with directional growth structure was put forward by our group. By the approach, TiAl ingots with controllable lamellar structures and less impurity contaminations are obtained. Typically, Ti-46Al-0.5W-0.5Si and Ti-47Al-2Cr-2Nb were performed with respect to compositions and solidification parameters. As a result, Ti-46Al-0.5W-0.5Si DS-samples exhibit good combination of mechanical properties at room temperature in TS of 500MPa and EL of 2% in average. Meanwhile TS of DS Ti-47Al-2Cr-2Nb reaches 650 MPa and EL exceeds 3%.
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