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Authors: Ge Qun Liu, Xiao Ming Xu
Abstract: Limitation of synchronizing speed is a key feature for finite time synchronization of complex networks. We studied such limitations as coupling strength tends to infinity for networks with Lorenz oscillator as nodes under conditions that nodes were coupled in different ways. It was found that if nodes are coupled by only one state variable, coupling by second variable has the highest synchronizing speed. If nodes are coupled by two state variables, coupling by second and third variables has the highest synchronizing speed. If nodes are coupled by all three variables, the limitation of synchronizing speed will approach infinity.
Authors: Ge Qun Liu
Abstract: An improved Freeman-Newell functional reasoning model is proposed for the conceptual design of manufacturing process control strategies. The structure in Freeman-Newell model is partitioned into determined subset and undetermined subset. Main framework of the structure is expressed by determined subset. Undetermined subset is presented to express the functions required from next design level. In this way variant design and multi level design reasoning can be supported. Based on the improved Freeman-Newell model, multi level conceptual design methodology for control strategies of manufacturing process is presented. Tracking control algorithm design for a nonlinear manufacturing process plant is provided as the example to verify the design reasoning ability of the improved model.
Authors: Ge Qun Liu, Xiao Ming Xu
Abstract: Synchronization onto arbitrary orbit for diffusively coupled complex networks is of great application value and was investigated in this paper especially when nodes are chaotic systems. A decentralized nonlinear PID controller was proposed for this purpose. The controller was designed with assistance of associated feedback system of the network. A particle swarm style self-optimization algorithm was provided to find the optimal parameter of the controller online with IAE performance index. Finally a networked Chen system was given to be controlled to track sine wave, square wave and triangular wave simultaneously as the example to verify the method presented.
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