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Authors: Hai Feng Hu, Qi Kun Wang, Gon Jin Qi, Zhao Hui Chen, Xin Bo He
Abstract: Carbosilanes synthesized from high-pressure treatment of polysilane, were fractional distilled and separated. Carbosilanes, characterized by IR and 1HNMR measurement, are composed of linear and cyclic carbosilanes with some Si-H end groups. Crosslinking occurred between carbosilanes and divinyl benzene and gave gel content of 52%, and further ceramic yield of 36% upon pyrolysis at 1200°C. The pyrolyzates contain microcrystal SiC and free carbon, which was approved by XRD measurement.
Authors: Gon Jin Qi, Chang Rui Zhang, Hai Feng Hu, Feng Cao, Shao Qing Wang
Abstract: Perhydropolysilazane was synthesized by the ammonolysis of dichlorosilane-pyridine adduct, and used as precursor to prepare three-dimensional silica fiber reinforced silicon nitride matrix composites via preceramic polymer infiltration and pyrolysis at 1073Kin anhydrous ammonia atmosphere. The polymer-derived ceramic matrix was amorphous near-stoichiometric silicon nitride with an empirical formula of SiN1.34O0.02C0.01H1.21. The as-received composites were amorphous with a high density of 1.96g/cm3 after five infiltration-pyrolysis cycles. The process was successful to fabricate dense silicon nitride matrix composites reinforced by three-dimensional silica fiber due to the low viscosity, good wettability and high ceramic yield of perhydropolysilazane.
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