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Authors: Vahid Esfahanian, Pooyan Kheirkhah, Hassan Bahramian, Amir Babak Ansari, Goodarz Ahmadi
Abstract: The investigation of design parameters is greatly helpful to use the optimum capacity of an electrochemical cell, which can be obtained from both experimental and numerical methods. In this study, a lead-acid battery has been simulated numerically using the CFD commercial software package FLUENT. The governing equations, including conservation of charge in solid and liquid phases and conservation of species, are solved by creating user defined functions. The effect of some basic parameters such as electrode porosity, discharge current density and width of the electrodes on the cell voltage behavior of a lead-acid battery is investigated. It has been shown that the increasing of the thickness and porosity of the PbO2 electrode has more pronounced effect on the performance of battery than the Pb one.
Authors: Hossein Afshar, Mehrzad Shams, Seyed Mojtba Mousavi Nainian, Goodarz Ahmadi
Abstract: In this paper, two phase heat transfer of a mixture of nanopaticles in air flow as a type of nanofluid is studied. Volume fraction of the dispersed phase is very low (less than 1%). Nanoparticles travel in the base fluid due to drag, brownian and gravity forces and are tracked according to lagrangian approach. Effect of reduced specific heat of nanofluid on heat transfer is considered. The results show an increase in heat transfer rate which is very much more than that predicted by the Maxwell model.
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