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Authors: Guan Qin Chen, Zhang Lian Hong
Abstract: Low frequency ultrasonic treatment was applied to desorb surface organics from the surface of nanosized TiO2 photocatalyst, which was prepared by hydrothermal method using a mixture of different amounts of Ti(OBu)4, ethanol, acetone and pyridine raw materials. The UV-Vis, TG-DTA and GC-MS analysis were used to investigate the surface organics. It was found that the absorption intensity around 250nm in UV-Vis spectra of the upper transparent solution, which represents the amount of organics desorbed from the TiO2 surface, increased with increasing treatment time. Along with the TG-DTA and GC-MS analysis, the kinds and amounts of partial surface organics were roughly clarified, and these organics may correspond with the photocatalytic degradation rate for methyl orange (MO) solution under visible light irradiation (≥450nm).
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