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Authors: Hui Shen, Gui Fu Ding, Zhen Wei Zhou, Zhuo Qing Yang, Xue Mei Cui
Abstract: A planar micro triggered spark gap switch with three electrodes was designed and fabricated based on non-silicon surface micromachining technology. It consists of two main electrodes, the shape of which is semicircle, and a triggering electrode which is a thin strip. The gap distance between two main electrodes is 800μm. Benefitting from MEMS technology, the switch is integratable and its cost has the potential to be reduced. The designed switch has been optimized and tested. It gives out a pulse current with peak of 5165.21A and 129.6ns rise time. The test data has an agreement with the simulation results.
Authors: Ming Xuan He, Xin Lu, Xin Chen, Xing Ling, Yuan Li, Hong Wang, Gui Fu Ding
Abstract: Quantitative dimensional metrologies of Nano/microstructures are increasingly demanded following the rapid developments in, for instance, semiconductor and precision engineering industry, microsystem technology and materials science. In the recent years, coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) have become versatile and widespread metrology tools. Probing system is an important component of a CMM. A probing system based on a high accurate positioning transducer is crucial for micro and nano metrology. This paper presents a probing system based on a variable micro-capacitive transducer which has advantages of simple structure, low cost, high sensitivity, overload ability, excellent dynamic response characteristics, etc. The structure of variable capacitor was designed and optimized by means of finite element method (FEM), and fabricated by surface micromachining technology.
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