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Authors: Yong Jiu Shi, Jian Xu, Guo Xin Dai, Yuan Qing Wang
Abstract: A typical three-story unstiffened Steel Plate Shear Wall (SPSW) finite element model was established. Systematic parameters analysis of the development and changing process of the lateral stiffness and shear capacity was mainly carried on the middle standard layer. The result shows that the lateral stiffness of thin SPSW has been always in decline and has a higher shear capacity after buckling. According to lots of analysis data and different stages of lateral control targets in the new revised seismic design code for performance designing, the lateral limits of the SPSW were respectively qualified under wind loads and frequent earthquake.The test verification was also proposed to verify the restrictive lateral limits so as to supply a scientific basis for the preparation of SPSW design method.
Authors: Shi Dong Nie, Guo Xin Dai, Gang Xiong, Wei Fu Zhang, Xiao Hua Sun, Wei Qi Feng
Abstract: This document advances a concept of Cooperative grid with prestressed upper and lower chord cables, and points out its characteristics by comparing with different structure forms. Through an example of the Cooperative grid, the analysis is carried out by means of mode–superposition response spectrum method, and the mechanical characteristics of the Cooperative grid under earthquake action are researched.
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