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Authors: A. Da Camara, Joaquín Lira-Olivares, Soo Wohn Lee, H.D. Park, Y.S. Park
Authors: J.K. Park, Chang Hoi Kim, Kyung Joo Choi, H.D. Park, Se Young Choi
Abstract: We have synthesized a Eu2+-activated Sr2SiO4yellow phosphor and investigated an attempt to develop white LEDs by combining it with a GaN blue LED chip. Two distinct emission bands from the GaN-based LED and the Sr2SiO4:Eu phosphor are clearly observed at 400 nm and at around 550 nm, respectively. These two emission bands combine to give a spectrum that appears white to the naked eye. Our results show that GaN (400 nm chip)-based Sr2SiO4:Eu exhibits a better luminous efficiency than that of the industrially available product InGaN (460 nm chip)-based YAG:Ce.
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