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Authors: Z.L. Peng, S.Q. Li, Y.Q. Dai, H. Liu, H.Q. Xie, Shao Jie Wang
Authors: Yoshihiko Murakami, Masaki Sakurai, S. Yui, H. Matuhashi, H. Liu, R. Kawai
Authors: Yoshihiko Murakami, H. Liu, H. Hanyu
Abstract: We would like to report on the development of our new ultra fine crystalline CVD diamond film and some applications. CVD Diamond films have good wear resistance, but the crystal size is too large. Therefore, in case of application of diamond films for cutting tools, we cannot get fine surface finish on work materials. Recently we succeed in production ultra fine crystalline CVD diamond film and various cutting tools as taps, drills and end mills. Aluminum alloys have lately been consumed more than ever in airplanes and automobiles for the purpose of decreasing the weight of structural materials.Copper alloys are used for the electrode of electric discharge machines (EDM) recently. EDM electrodes are required fine surface finish because the surface quality of mold depends on accuracy of EDM electrodes. Soft materials such as aluminum and copper alloys have high viscosity and additionally activity. So during cutting aluminum and copper alloys we have sometimes adhesion between cutting tools and work pieces. Diamond film on tools is able to improve the reactivity to aluminum and copper alloys. But up to now the diamond film has a lot of course crystal and tend to supply rough surface finish on work pieces. We developed ultra fine crystalline diamond film on end mills by plasma chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method. Now our aircraft, automotive and molding customers can get smooth surface finish of work pieces.Keeping ISO14001, we recommend oil free cutting with ultra fine crystalline diamond coated cutting tools. Here I introduce background of the development and cutting examples with new fine diamond coated end mills.
Authors: B. Wang, Z.L. Peng, S.Q. Li, Shao Jie Wang, H. Liu, H.Q. Xie
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