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Authors: Danieli A.P. Reis, Carlos de Moura Neto, M.J.R. Barboza, H.R. Silva, Cosme Roberto Moreira Silva, Antônio Augusto Couto
Abstract: The proposal of this research has been the study of the plasma spayed coating on creep of the Ti-6Al-4V, focusing on the determination of the experimental parameters related to the first and second creep stages. Yttria (8 wt %) stabilized zirconia (YSZ) (Metco 204B-NS) with CoNiCrAlY ( AMDRY 995C) has been plasma sprayed coated on Ti-6Al-4V substrate. Creep tests with constant load had been done on Ti-6Al-4V coated samples, the stress level was from 250 to 319 MPa at 600 °C. Highest values of tp and the decrease of the second stage rate had shown a better creep resistance on coated sample. Results indicate that the coated sample was greater than uncoated sample, thus the plasma sprayed coating prevent the sample oxidation efficiently.
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