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Authors: Dao Qi Xue, Jun Ying Zhang, Hai Bing Feng, Tian Min Wang
Abstract: ZnO:Eu3+ films were obtained by dip-coating method and influence of heat treatment on luminescent properties was investigated. Emission and excitation spectra revealed that the organic and nitrate molecules, which adhered on the surface of films when the samples were treated at lower temperatures (300oC-400oC), played an important role on the luminescent properties. At higher temperatures (500oC-800oC), the luminescence spectra of ZnO and Eu3+ were quite different with those treated at lower temperatures. Energy transferred from ZnO host to Eu3+ was obviously observed in the emission and excitation spectra. The luminescence mechanism was discussed briefly.
Authors: Wei Chang Hao, Jun Ying Zhang, Hai Bing Feng, Tian Min Wang
Abstract: Quantum size ZnO colloids were prepared by sol-gel method and size of colloids together with the luminescence properties were changed by varying preparing time and temperature. The absorption onset and the maximum of fluorescence peak of the ZnO colloid have obvious shift in UV region and visible light region respectively. The relationship between luminescence properties and energy level splitting is discussed in detail based on the experimental results.
Authors: Chun Yang, Jun Ying Zhang, Hai Bing Feng, Wei Chang Hao, Tian Min Wang
Abstract: Y2O3:Eu3+ thin film was synthesized by sol-gel method with inorganic salt raw materials, and the crystal structure and luminescent properties were investigated. By adding organic additive to the sol, a homogeneous film with high luminescent intensity could be obtained by dip-coating technique on the surface of alumina sheet and quartz glass. Structures of the films were studied by XRD and SEM. The excitation spectra of the films showed a wide excitation peak from 200nm to 260nm, and the emission spectra had a strongest emission peak at 611nm which revealed a close relationship with the calcining temperature.
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