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Authors: Hai Feng Sun, Li Ping Jing, Qing Hai Wei, Xian Chun Meng
Abstract: Shaking table test is an important method to study on the problem of the soil-structure dynamic interaction. The property of the soil container directly affects the accuracy of the result. A laminar shear container was designed for shaking table test. And a shaking table test on soil-underground structure dynamic interaction which structure lay in clay was conducted. The results of the test show that the container eliminated the boundary effect when the dynamic load was applied in only one horizontal direction. Meanwhile, the stiffness of the soil container could be changed according to the change of the model soil, which is applicable to decrease the boundary effect.
Authors: Hai Feng Sun, Li Ping Jing, Xian Chun Meng
Abstract: Numerical simulation is an important method to study the structural vibration response. And artificial boundary conditions will directly affect the reliability of numerical simulation results. While when we conduct numerical simulation of vibration, it is often assumed the input surface to be a fixed boundary. The purpose of this paper is to make a study on rationality of this method by the use of simulation on a two-dimensional homogeneous elastic half-space model and a soil-structure dynamic interaction model. The results show that: when fixed boundary used, after the wave reflected to the fixed boundary, it couldn’t leave the calculation region and will reflects back into the calculation region again; when viscous boundary used, the energy will be absorbed by the bottom boundary when the wave achieved the viscous boundary. It simulates the real situation that the wave goes through boundary surface into the infinite medium. So, when carrying out numerical simulation on structural dynamic analysis, the selection of fixed boundary is inclined to an incorrect result, while the select of viscous boundary is more accurate and reasonable.
Authors: Qing Hai Wei, Hai Feng Sun
Abstract: It is the same to structures on the ground, there’s many ways to reduce the damage which is caused by earthquake too. Mainly, there are two measures to absorb the shock on underground structures. The method of changing performance of underground structure will make construction cost enhance greatly, and the effect of shock absorption is not obvious also. The method of setting shock absorption layer can reduce the deformation and energy of surrounding soil transmits to the underground structure. It can solve the problem which earthquake creates danger to the underground structure essentially.
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