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Authors: Hai Lang Ju, Xiong Li, Bao He Li, Bi Hun Hou
Abstract: Using electro-optic sampling technique and THz time-domain spectroscopy-transmission equipment, the reference THz wave and the sample THz wave has been measured from 0.3 THz to 3.0 THz and the absorption index has been obtained. Absorption peaks of β-Zn3BPO7 crystal sample were found in four points. The important condition of direct interaction between lattice and light is that they must have the same frequency and wave vector, also lattice vibration mode should be transverse because the light is electromagnetic wave. The absorption peaks are found multiple of the optical phonon basically after calculation. The sample shows great resonance absorption.
Authors: Bao He Li, Chun Feng, Xiao Bai Chen, Hai Lang Ju, Jia Zhao, Ai Cong Geng, Deng Hui Xu, Xiong Li
Abstract: [FePt(2 nm)/Ag(d nm)]10 mutilayers were deposited on single crystal MgO (100) substrates by magnetron sputtering. L10-FePt/Ag nanocomposite films with a high coercivity and a perpendicular orientation were achieved by annealing the as-deposited films at 600 °C for 15 min. The result of high resolution transmitting electron microscopy (HRTEM) shows apparent mutilayer structure of the [FePt(2 nm)/Ag(5 nm)]10 film. We also found the good epitaxial growth of FePt on MgO [001] direction. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) observation on the surface morphology showed that the surface particle size and roughness degree decrease with increasing the Ag layer thickness.
Authors: Hai Lang Ju, Zong Liang Mao
Abstract: LiNbO3 is an important crystal which has piezoelectric, ferroelectric and electro-optical functions. It has a wide range of applications. Transmission and reflection spectrum of the LiNbO3 samples on the infrared-visible-ultraviolet light have been measured.The wavelength range is 200nm-2000nm. The transmission and reflection spectrum. The absorption coefficient was calculated by transmission and reflection spectrum. The absorption coefficient of the three samples increased slightly in the beginning of the scanning. Then there was a sudden change upward near 8.4*1014 Hz. Forbidden band Eg was obtained from absorption spectrum. The Eg of the three samples were obtained as 3.996ev,3.407ev and 3.425ev respectively. Forbidden band of LiNbO3 crystals was decreased as the iron doped.
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