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Authors: Zhong Cai Zheng, Na Liu, Jian Li, Yan Gao, Hai Ou Chen
Abstract: This paper builds three-dimensional finite volume models for 4 different mufflers. Internal flow numerical analysis for mufflers is carried out with computational fluid dynamics software. Velocity field and pressure field are obtained to analyze the airflow influences on muffler performances. The corresponding regularities are obtained from simulation results, which provide a method for design optimization of mufflers.
Authors: Zhong Cai Zheng, Yan Gao, Na Liu, Kun Jin Zhang, Hai Ou Chen, Xi Bin Huang, Jin Hu Wang
Abstract: The modal analysis of the engine block is carried out using finite element method. Through the analysis, the inherent frequencies and mode shapes of the first 6 order modes are obtained respectively. Then the harmonic response analysis of the engine block is carried out based on the modal analysis, and the corresponding inherent frequencies of the weak positions of block under the action of external cycle force are obtained. Finally, the consistency of the typical mode shape and amplitude-frequency curve is compared.
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