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Authors: Mehran Maalekian, M.L. Lendinez, Ernst Kozeschnik, Hans P. Brantner, Horst Cerjak
Abstract: The welding continuous cooling transformation (WCCT) behavior of eutectoid carbon steel was investigated in different peak temperatures and in the undeformed and deformed conditions. The corresponding WCCT and welding continuous cooling compression transformation (WCCCT) diagrams were constructed by means of dilatometric and metallographic analyses in addition to hardness measurements. It was found that the higher austenitizing temperature slightly accelerates pearlitic transformation, i.e., it shifts the WCCT diagram to shorter times. Furthermore, heavy hot deformation of austenite could strongly promote the formation of pearlite, that is, the WCCCT diagram moved toward the top left corner compared to the WCCT diagram, while martensite start temperature was lowered slightly, which is a characteristic of a displacive transformation mechanism.
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