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Authors: Wei Zhong Ren, Hao Chen, Yong Gang Wang, Feng Chen
Abstract: Biaxial compression model tests on rockmass containing intermittent joints under plane stress condition were carried out in this study, where the laser speckle photo technique was used for measuring the displacement field. The results obtained have indicated that the laser speckle method was effective and the measuring value was about 14% less than the measuring value of dial gauges. Based on the displacement field and the principal stress field which were measured by laser speckle photo technique, dial gauges and strain gauges, the angle of wing incipient crack, the evolution of stress field at the joint tip and the path of crack extension were deeply studied. The deformation and failure characteristics, including the fracture mechanism of rockmass, were also analyzed in this study.
Authors: Hao Chen, Yi Mo
Abstract: A landmark building is located in yuzhong zone , Chongqing . That there is 5 floors in the underground, 58 floors on the ground.And the total height is 272.4 meters. Combined with practical engineering focuses ,this paper introduces the steel tube-reinforced concrete column construction quality control points and difficulties.
Authors: Wei Zhong Ren, Yong Gang Wang, Yong Feng, Hao Chen, Jing Qin Chen, John Ho
Abstract: Based on the results of model tests, the deformation and facture mechanisms of brittle rockmass containing coplanar close intermittent joints under direct shear condition were analysed , then the incipient crack strength and communicating destruction criterion of such rockmass were proposed in this paper. It was shown that the computing results suited the real measuring values well by comparing them, which indicated the criterions was reasonable ,reliable and has both the theory and construction significances.
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