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Authors: Antje Quade, Harm Wulff
Authors: J. Klimke, L. Fischer, Harm Wulff
Authors: Irena Petrovic-Prelevic, Antje Widmann, Heike Kahlert, Harm Wulff, Fritz Scholz
Abstract: The crystal structure of new Prussian blue analogue samples, KCu[Fe1-x Cox(CN)6], KNi[Fe1-x Cox(CN)6] and Fe[Fe1-x Cox(CN)6], was solved on the base of the model from Keggin and Miles [1] and refined by the Rietveld method [2] from conventional X-ray powder diffraction data. These compounds form mixed crystals for all Fe/Co ratios. The crystal structure of the KCu[Fe0.3Co0.7(CN)6], KNi[Fe0.3Co0.7(CN)6] and Fe[Fe0.8Co0.2(CN)6] is presented in detail. For both potassium containing compounds the disorder in the potassium arrangement is the most obvious characteristic.
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