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Authors: Harriet Meinander
Abstract: The haptic properties of textiles are of crucial importance in most application areas and particularly for skin contact garments. Extensive research work has therefore been done both in defining the mechanical textile properties, which influence the haptic sensations, in measuring these textile properties, in defining procedures for subjective evaluation of the haptics of textiles, and in simulation of the properties in a virtual environment. In the development of new smart or intelligent textiles it is particularly important to consider the haptic properties. The introduction of non-textile elements (e.g. sensors, transmitters) in the garments or other textile products easily cause impaired haptic or other comfort properties, which might not be accepted by the markets and the end-users. A primary application area for smart garments is in the health care, where tight fitting underwear garments for the monitoring of body functions (heart rate, ECG, temperature) have been developed. Good haptic properties are particularly important for unhealthy or elderly persons with very sensitive skin.
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